My name is Heather. Hi. I tend to ramble so bear with me. I live in NYC, people think that’s cool but once you’ve lived here your whole life, it’s nothing special. At all. Like really, half the kids at my school smoke pot. That’s not unusual for the city. Anyways, I’m 14 but I’m EXTREMELY mature for my age because of crap occurrences in life and what not. I have two older siblings, they’re kinda stupid sometimes but I love them. I am a 14 year old aunt which is pretty cool. My niece is the cutest thing ever. I’m in love with her.

I started watching Grey’s Anatomy the day after the Season 4 finale. I saw the end on TV because my dad (who stopped watching) was watching and I thought it looked really good so I bought all the episodes on iTunes (without parent’s permission, probably the reason my birthday present sucked that year) and by the Season 5 premier I was soooo obsessed. I had a little breakdown when I thought Derek was dead… but when he batted Mer’s ring… yeah I had a huge breakdown. I actually threw a pillow at the TV… and cursed Derek out a little (a lot)… as you may have guessed I have a little obsession problem.

Anyways, my favorite couple is MerDer and my favorite character is Derek Christopher Shepherd. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! Not just because he’s suuuper seeexxxxyyyy but because I think his character is someone I could look up to and strive to be like in life (girl version). He’s optimistic (I’m not) but he believes in true love and all that jazz and so yeah. And he’s McDreamy, like seriously?!

I started reading FanFiction when my BFF told me about and I got hooked. My obsession is scary. Now because of writing fanfiction I’m an A+ english student and I want to be a teleplay writer.

So… wow that was long… told you I ramble. Done now. Shutting up. Bye.


PS: I am always Team MerDer.

My Board-Emerald City Bar
Fanfiction- mcdreamydreamsofme
Twitter- lovesmcdreamy


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