An Interesting Discovery

So, it’s obvious that I want to be a teleplay writer. And along with the writing skills some have said I possess, as well as a passion for the art, I have found a reason that I should be a teleplay writer.

I’m a TV physic.

Sounds weird eh?

Well, I am. Or at least I believe I am. See, when there’s a mystery on a TV show, more something that’s going to happen, I get it.

Bones Season 3- Gormogon. I just watched the 4 episodes with Gormogon for the 1st time (“The Widow’s Son in the Windshield”, “Intern In the Incinerator”,”The Knight on the Grid”, and “The Pain in the Heart”). I’d actually seen the 2nd and 3rd ones before but I wanted to watch them all sequentially because without the others, they don’t make as much sense. By the beginning of the third episode, “The Knight on the Grid”, I’d figured out who Gormogon was (they don’t tell us until about 20 mins into the season finale of Bones Season 3, “The Pain in the Heart”.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 5– George. The second the ambulance doors opened revealing “hit by a bus guy” I knew it was George O’Malley. I don’t know why. I just knew.

Heroes Season 1– I kinda figured out all their powers immediately. No clue how.

So, yeah. TV physic (those are only some examples of my physic abilities). I guess I’m actually good at deductive reasoning… yay! I’m good at something! I told my mom, she said I was a genius. Yeah, but only about TV. I need to watch less TV…


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