You Know Your Obsessed With Grey’s Anatomy…

Ultimate Obsessive list:

You are obviously obsessed if…

…you tend to use Grey’s to escape you own pathetic life.

…you wish someone would look at you like McDreamy looks at Meredith.

…you get over excited when you hear “Cosy in the Rocket” , “Keep Breathing” , “Chasing Cars” or “The Quest” and you have them on your Ipod

…you seriously consider becoming a surgeon despite your lack of science skills and dislike of blood.

…you say “Seriously!” at least x10000 per DAY

…you pause the DVD/Itunes if you leave the room even though they’ve seen the episode ten million times

…you ignore EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who try to interrupt your Grey’s Anatomy viewing and during commercials threaten to stab them with a scalpel if they interrupt you again

…you don’t do anything on Thursdays except watch Grey’s Anatomy

…you can and do randomly quote Grey’s anytime, anywhere

…you want to cut open Rose with a scalpel.

…you believe that Derek was using Rose to make Meredith realize she cant live without him and he never even really liked Rose

…you cried when Meredith almost died

…you cried in the dream Meredith had where Derek dies because a bus crashed into a telephone pole in front of him and he tried to swerve to miss it but…

…you’re always in agony waiting for the next episode and you have numerous countdowns

… Shonda Rhimes is your god.

…you hear a song that was in an episode and you immediately say “OMG that’s from Grey’s Anatomy”.

…you yelp/yell/sream if they talk about Grey’s Anatomy on E!, ET or something

…you own every season on DVD/Itunes.

…you’ve seen every episode more than five times

…you wish you were best friends with Meredith Grey.

…you’re officially naming your children Meredith, Izzie, George, Derek, Bailey, Alex, and Miranda

…you’re in more than 10 Grey’s Anatomy Facebook groups.

…you wish you had a knight in shining whatever

…you go to every movie with Patrick Dempsey in it, just, well just cause he’s McDreamy!

…you’ve watched the last scene from the season 4 finale at least 20 times

…you have had multiple dreams related to Grey’s

…all you can talk about on Friday is the previous night’s episode

…you died when Derek and Rose kissed

…you NEVER miss an episode.

..your heart beats faster every time McDreamy comes on the screen.

…you screamed and cried tears of joy when Derek and Meredith got back together

…the sex scene between Derek and Meredith at the end of season 2 made your whole year!

…you talk about Grey’s non-stop, you think about Grey’s non-stop, and you even dream about Grey’s non-stop.

…your friends have declaired you mentally insane!

…you relate everything to Grey’s Anatomy

…you refuse to settle for anything less than your very own McDreamy.

…Grey’s is your number one priority—it comes before school, homework, work, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc…

…you use Grey’s as your stress-reliever.

…you are constantly dreaming of McDreamy.

…you believe that breathing comes second to Grey’s

…you buy every magazine that has one of the Grey’s actors on the cover.

…you died  when you saw Derek sitting in the hall crying, waiting for any news about Meredith, hoping and praying that she’s alive.

…you wake up Thursday mornings and jubilantly exclaim, “Grey’s Anatomy’s on tonight!”

…you NEVER let ANYONE watch Grey’s with you at risk of distraction

…you know what McNasty means

…you can recite Meredith’s sacred “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me” speech

…your computer desktop picture is of Grey’s Anatomy or an actor/actress from the show

…you get pissed off when a friend just likes Grey’s Anatomy and talks to you and you feel like correcting her/him on everything about the show and wonder “why bother if you aren’t obsessed?”

…you die a little inside every week there isn’t a new episode of Grey’s dream about McDreamy and believe he dreams of you!

…you find a way that watching/being obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy helps you in life

…your ham

…you quote episodes in you daily life

…all you ever think about is Grey’s Anatomy

…you kiss a picture of Patrick Depmsey every day

…you tend to say “oh that’s like this episode of Grey’s Anatomy…”

…you have at least one Grey’s Anatomy calendar

…your name on facebook has had something to do with Grey’s Anatomy at one point

…you believe dancing it out works

…you yell at the screen if something bad happens

….you suddenly love ferry boats

…you have been embarassed by other people because of your obsessing

…seriously is your favorite word

If you actually read this entire thing you are truly a devoted fan!


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