Patrick Dempsey IS an AMAZING Actor.

Okay, so there are a lot of Patrick Dempsey haters out there (including my own brother *gasp*). They believe that he’s just a pretty face actor. Psh no. Sometimes he may act as just a ‘pretty face’ (I mean he IS McDreamy) but he can actually act.

Meredith: You cleaned all of your clothes out of the closet at the house.
Derek: Go home Mer. Just go home.
Meredith: Well, how long are you planning on hiding out here? Because that’s what you’re doing. You’re hiding. You made a mistake, she’s dead and you can’t hide from that.
Derek: I’m not hiding. I’m done. I’m done operating.
Meredith: Oh, Ok. So you’re just quitting?
Derek: You should understand better than anybody else. You wrote the book on quitting. Running, hiding, you’ve written a lot of books Meredith.
Meredith: That may be true. But I’m here now.
Derek: Oh, hmm, you’re here now? Haha. You’ve wanted me out since the day I moved in.
Meredith: That is not true.
Derek: Because you’re incapable of anything that resembles commitment. You lied to me, you said you were healthy. That you were healed. There’s no fixing you, you’re a lemon.
Meredith: DEREK SHEPHERD YOU ARE DRUNK! And you’re angry, and I’ve been there so I get it. But that does not give you the right…
Derek: Just go home Meredith.
Meredith: You don’t get to just stand here and tell me.
Derek: This is what you want, I’m giving you an out. Go.
Meredith: I’m not going anywhere.
Meredith: I know there’s a ring.
Derek: What?
Meredith: The Chief told me. I know there’s a ring.
Derek: You want the ring? Here’s your ring. (Smacks it with his baseball bat into the distance, throws the bat on the ground and walks into the trailer)
Meredith: Is that the best you’ve got? ‘Cause I’m not bailing, we’re in this together.

SEASON 5 EPISODE 17: I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK. That was definitely NOT ‘pretty face’ acting. Like seriously he called her a lemon and hit Meredith’s engagement ring into the woods! So, don’t try to tell me that was not good acting. And he was even supposed to say “fetch” at the end but he said if said that he’d never be able to face his wife or daughter again.

Also when Meredith drowns, definitely not pretty face acting! He’s broken, lifeless, sitting on the ground soaking wet and his ex-wife steps in to comfort him, he’s that bad. And of course Patrick wasn’t really feeling that way… it was Derek.

In conclusion, the Emmy awards and any other award shows they have (especially this year) who don’t give him an award are crap and wouldn’t know good acting if it bit them in the ass.


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