Grey’s Anatomy 6×12 “I Like it so Much Better When You’re Naked”

What? The title made no sense. I was expecting lots of steamyness 😉 The only love we got was both MerDer *smiles* and Calzona but both were annoyingly interrupted.

If that’s the newest treatment for chicken pox… where can I sign up for them?

Anyways, so the thing with Cristina, Owen and Teddy, totally in character for Cristina to pick surgery. When she asked Meredith which she’d choose, Meredith conceded and picked surgery. I was shocked to say the least. Whether she was doing it to make Cristina feel better or she really meant it, wow.

“If I had to choose, gun to my head, I’d choose surgery.”-Meredith Grey

No. I have to believe that if held at gunpoint and the guy said “either I damage the nerves in your hand so you can’t cutanymore or you can never see Derek again” by god I hope she’d pick the first. I am a Derek fan. Most definitely. I love him. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So, if Meredith really meant that, then Mer, you went from being almost tied with Derek to solid 2nd place in my heart. I really hope she didn’t because I am a hard hard core MerDer fan.  So I need to believe that they wouldn’t pick surgery over each other.

“Because it’s crazy. It’s crazy. Surgery, it’s just a job. It’s just a job. It’s the thing you come home from, not the thing you come home to. If you loose your job, you get another one. ‘Cause there’s always another one, but, if you loose your love…if you think you’re loosing your love, suddenly nothing else matters.”-Izzie Stevens

Personally, I agree with Izzie. You pick love. Jobs come and go but the people you love, if it’s really love, they don’t leave willingly. They stay, they fight. You’re job, once it’s gone no one fights for you, with you, besides the ones you love.

How the episode should have ended:

“I choose you,” she whispered softly into the darkness of their shared bedroom.
“What?” he asked, pulling her exausted form further into him.
“If it came to it, I’d choose you over surgery…I’d choose love.”
Derek smiled. “I choose you too.”


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